About Marhaba Italia

Our History

Marhaba Italia’s history born after 10 years of experience in the service and customer care industry, mainly addressed to the Arabic culture. Today, the aim is to become the number one representative for our incoming clients, especially for those who come from the Arabic Region.

Experiencing people from all over the world on a daily basis, I personally noticed that even when abroad, everybody likes to feel home at some point during the holiday. This can be done simply with a word, a gesture, a familiar taste, details that can make feel people even more comfortable during their staying. Of course, to make all that possible, it is mandatory to know deeply the culture and the traditions of the incoming people. My deep love and knowledge for the Arab world guided me to realize this project, with the aim of delighting my clients with a tailor-made care, in a country like Italy, where hospitality is our pride and joy.

Managing Director
Camilla Indice

Our People

Our team is highly trained in many different aspects of the service and tourism industry.
Strong customer care skill is a must in Marhaba Italia, to always guarantee our clients all the comfort and the assistance they might need during their holiday. All our assistants and guides are tourist experts, always ready to help our clients, suggesting the best holiday itinerary and experience in the most comfortable and smoothest way.