Marhaba Italia

Marhaba Italia is the only one-stop-shop for travel service for the Arab world that allows you to access and experience Italy like never before.
A team of Arabic speaking, culture sensitive staff and gender specific is trained to provide the highest level of bespoke concierge that allows your family to enjoy the true essence of the journey you are planning to take. From the moment we meet and greet you at the airport, you will avail of the best advise whether you are looking for a typical restaurant that serves hallal food or tickets to theater where your shopping can be showcased. Your family will be looked after by female drivers and staff who can share not only the best city secrets but also take you to the hidden gems off the beaten track.

Meet & Greet

Marhaba Italia is an exclusive meet and greet services to ensure an effortless and hassle-free experience exclusively for our clients. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, on a business trip or a holiday, an experienced member of our hospitality team will guide you through airport and port formalities to guarantee you the best arrival or departure experience.

City Tours

With the highest number of UNESCO’s sites, in every corner of Italy there is something to discover. Marhaba Italia operates in the main Italian cities and surroundings. Travelling through Italy with Marhaba Italia, all our customers will enjoy the maximum comfort and assistance, wherever they are, and whatever they may need.

*All Marhaba Italia city tours can be private or in group, including skip the line option and private guide/assistant.



The Amalfi Coast




Events & Festivals

Throughout the year, Italy has to offer an extraordinary variety of events that reflect the culture, the history, the traditions, the religion, but mainly its way of living.
Most of the Made in Italy events have an international eco, hosting the best for each sector.
It is surely worth to take part to one of them at least once in a lifetime, to make sure that there is always a reason to come back